Hello all, it has been a while since I have been on the list, here is my 
I have tried to search the web but alas it is probably my wording so here goes.

I just setup a new mail server to replace my old one of 7 years :)
Old config, qmail + vpopmail + qmailadmin

New config, qmail + vpopmail + mysql + qmailadmin + courier-imap

I have setup the qmail first with domain1, then using vpopmail added the other
domains, domain2, domain3 etc.

The server can receive mail for all the domains just fine but what I'm looking 
at is that when a HELO is sent say for domain2, the server replies with the 
HELO for for the domain1.

How do I get qmail/vpopmail to issue the HELO for each domain and not the 
primary domain name?

I hope I have explained this ok.


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