On Feb 12, 2005, at 3:33 PM, James Whitt wrote:
I'm currently using vpopmail version 5.4.6 (from FreeBSD ports) and
i'm curious about how vpopmail handles aliases while using mysql.  I
have build vpopmail with --enable-valias and
--enable-auth-module=mysql (using the USE_MYSQL and WITH_VALIAS
settings in ports for those FreeBSD people out there).  The problem
that I have run into is that I'm writing an application in c which
uses the vpopmail libraries, and if I use the valias_insert(alias,
domain, line) function that is provided, it creates a .qmail-alias
file instead of inserting it directly into the database.

That's very odd. If you build and install vpopmail with those two options, it will store the aliases in MySQL. The code to store them in .qmail-alias files is in the vpalias.c file, which isn't compiled when VALIAS is defined (which happens if you --enable-valias).

Look for VALIAS in the config.h file and make sure it's defined. Is there a chance your code could be linking an older version of vpopmail (compiled with CDB or without valias)?

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