On Feb 14, 2005, at 6:33 AM, John P. Looney wrote:
 For 200 other cases, after its virus scanned, the mail servers accept
the mail. In these two, it relays it back to the AV server, causing a

 Both domain names are mentioned in:
 But its still not storing the mail locally.

That's very odd. Are the domains in control/smtproutes (causing them to be forwarded)? Even if they are, I'm pretty sure that virtualdomains overrides smtproutes (at least that's what I'm seeing as I move domains to a new server).

Even if there are lower MX servers, I would think that qmail would accept the mail as local. You're positive that the domains are in virtualdomains (and not misspelled)?

 Has anyone else ever seen this ? I don't even know where to start
looking for a cause. Is there an easy way of running strace over some
qmail daemon to see how it works out what to do with mail on a vpopmail
system ?

You could try running an strace on qmail-inject on that server. Although it might not actually show you what qmail-send (the critical program, I believe) is doing.

I imagine that with so many domains, the system is under a lot of load. The only solution might be to change your supervise script for qmail-send to run it though strace (having strace dump to a file, including child processes). Restart qmail-send, inject a message to one of the domains, stop qmail-send, fix the run file and restart it.

Then, you can spend time trying to find the appropriate strace dump (might be easy to just grep the children for the domain name) and then analyze it.

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