I'm a little confused about implementation of chkusr. i really want to implement it, as i'm tired of my paid bandwidth being chewed up by spammers sending tens of thousands of messages to non-existent addresses.

instead of having a single, all-in-one server doing everything, i have three 'gateway' MX servers that messages come into first. they then relay the messages to a dedicated spam/clam server for filtering. from there, messages are delivered to the pop server, where customers pick them up.

is there any way to run chkusr on these 'gateway' MX servers? i use MySQL authentication. The mysql server is the pop server, and i replicate that on the primary MX (where the majority of mail comes in). is there any way to 'hook' into the authentication info in the replicated database directly? that woudl be ideal, as it should be quite fast.

but reading the docs, it appears i have to install vpopmail on the server that's going to run chkusr, and i don't much like the idea of that. i'm a tad worried that i might suddenly find all incoming messages being delivered to 'local' and going to the bit-bucket if i turn on chkusr. but that's just wild speculation at this point - i haven't yet installed chkusr, pending some insight on the matters above.

any help appreciated.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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