Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> is there any way to run chkusr on these 'gateway' MX servers? i use
> MySQL authentication. The mysql server is the pop server, and i
> replicate that on the primary MX (where the majority of mail comes
> in). is there any way to 'hook' into the authentication info in the
> replicated database directly?    
> that woudl be ideal, as it should be quite fast.
This isn't possible with the current version of chkuser. I'm wanting to do
the exact same thing. Vpopmail currently needs access to 1) the
authentication scheme (MySQL in your case) 2) the file system (to check the
~qmail/control files and .qmail- files for aliases and catchalls)

Also, keep in mind that you can set up vpopmail/chkuser to check against the
primary MySQL database. There is no need to replicate it.

I've been told that the Antonio wants to build client/server functionality
into chkuser but hasn't been able to find the time. I for one look forward
to seeing it.

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