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but reading the docs, it appears i have to install vpopmail on the server that's going to run chkusr, and i don't much like the idea of that. i'm a tad worried that i might suddenly find all incoming messages being delivered to 'local' and going to the bit-bucket if i turn on chkusr. but that's just wild speculation at this point - i haven't yet installed chkusr, pending some insight on the matters above.

I could be wrong with some of my answers, but here's what I understand...

The chkuser patch needs to load the .qmail-default file for each domain to determine whether the domain has a catchall set or not. Domains with catchalls accept all mail, so there isn't anything for chkuser to do.

Even if you are using vpopmail with the MySQL backend and aliases stored in the valias table, ezmlm mailing lists remain as .qmail files.

It would theoretically be possible to have qmailadmin "mirror" them in the valias table, as long as all changes to the list settings were made in qmailadmin only.

If lots of users will be moving in this direction, perhaps we should explore storing the default delivery setting in the database instead of the .qmail-default files. We could just use the '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' entry in the valias table, but we would have to filter it out of the normal valias lookups... The only other possible table would be limits, since there's already an entry for each domain.

I've also thought about storing it (default delivery) in a separate file (necessary for CDB backend), to make it easier for people to customize their .qmail-default files. I had planned to add a new option to vdelivermail (instead of deleted, bounce-no-mailbox, etc.) of 'file' to indicate that it was stored externally.

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