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but reading the docs, it appears i have to install vpopmail on the server that's going to run chkusr, and i don't much like the idea of that. i'm a tad worried that i might suddenly find all incoming messages being delivered to 'local' and going to the bit-bucket if i turn on chkusr. but that's just wild speculation at this point - i haven't yet installed chkusr, pending some insight on the matters above.

I'm doing that on one box now, soon to be two once my buddy gets his LVM setup done.

I have the db replicated on the mxer, and I have a periodic cron job on the main server doing a find for all the .qmail files. I also have a cron job on the mxer that pulls everything in that "find" list over. Sounds odd, but the "find, then xfer w/rsync" method is much faster than doing a straight rsync of the dir structure and .qmail files.

Anyhow as for chkuser, all you need is to copy over your rcpthosts and morercpthosts.cdb. As long as you DO NOT have those domains in locals or virtualdomains, you're good to go. Been running this for about two months now and it's done wonders for cutting down the amount of queued crap on the backup mxer.


any help appreciated.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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