I would think you're ok putting vpopmail on your gateway servers.
Remember, the CHKUSR patch is only checking that the user exists to
vpopmail.  I take it you're using the smtproutes file to forward to the
real server behind the gateway boxes?  If so, you should be just fine.
It's not going to do local delivery unless you specifically add the
domain to your gateway box.  Just make sure you configure vpopmail for
mysql and that you configure it to look at your real mysql server on the

I would really like to see a CHKUSR patch that could check another SMTP
server.  Then gateway machines could just make the SMTP connection to
the backend SMTP machine and validate the user.  This would make it work
across multiple backend servers.  I know quite a few people running
non-nix mail servers on 2k boxes.  When will they learn? :)

Just to make sure, when you implement, send some test messages and watch
closely.  You'll know right away if there's a problem.

Good luck,


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Subject: [vchkpw] chkusr on gateway mx?

I'm a little confused about implementation of chkusr. i really want to
implement it, as i'm tired of my paid bandwidth being chewed up by
spammers sending tens of thousands of messages to non-existent

instead of having a single, all-in-one server doing everything, i have
three 'gateway' MX servers that messages come into first. they then
relay the messages to a dedicated spam/clam server for filtering. from
there, messages are delivered to the pop server, where customers pick
them up.

is there any way to run chkusr on these 'gateway' MX servers? i use
MySQL authentication. The mysql server is the pop server, and i
replicate that on the primary MX (where the majority of mail comes in).
is there any way to 'hook' into the authentication info in the
replicated database directly? 
that woudl be ideal, as it should be quite fast.

but reading the docs, it appears i have to install vpopmail on the
server that's going to run chkusr, and i don't much like the idea of
that. i'm a tad worried that i might suddenly find all incoming messages
being delivered to 'local' and going to the bit-bucket if i turn on
chkusr. but that's just wild speculation at this point - i haven't yet
installed chkusr, pending some insight on the matters above.

any help appreciated.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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