Positive Negative wrote:

Positive Negative wrote:

When a user at a domain try to send mail out.
It doesn't always work. It gets stuck in a queue on my server.

I tried -doqueue and reload and all that. None of it works.
We handle the POP and our ISP does the SMTP.

All the error messages say its from the qmail-send program.

So how can i --force the mail in that queue to go out?

Can you be more specific about the errors that you're seeing in your qmail-send log? What seems to be keeping it "stuck" in the queue... There will be some fairly specific reasons that it's in the queue...those will help you determine if it's even your problem at all. rick

> which file am i supposed to look at?
> lock, control, status, ok ... run  ???
> all of those logs are in my qmail file on BSD 4.7
> On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 21:51:09 -0600, Rick van Vliet
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Please don't 'top-post'.
OK. You stated that "all the error messages say...something". You haven't shown us what "all the error" is/are.
I asked you what you're seeing in your log.
that would be /wherever/your/qmail-send_logfile is/current
(perhaps var/log/qmail/current)
Do a tail on that file <prompt>#tail -n75 /var/log/qmail/current\ |tai64nlocal
(this command will show you the last 75 lines in human-readable time format).

Did you install this qmail? Your log files are where you installed them.

Either way, consult the recommended qmail installation documentation at http://www.lifewithqmail.org, to help narrow down your search.
We'll be here.

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