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Anyone want to speculate as to why vuserinfo might sometimes screw the perms and sometimes not? Does anyone know of the problem Mr. Sam said is "known"?

Mr. Sam's default response to any problems on systems involving vpopmail is that it's a "known problem with vpopmail". In the past, that may have been true, but I feel that vpopmail 5.4 and later have corrected a lot of the "known problems".

I've been working on the vpopmail code for a few years now. We've been hosted on SourceForge for awhile as well. In that time, no one has reported a problem with vpopmail creating a maildirsize file owned by root instead of vpopmail. Perhaps Mr. Sam could provide some details on some of the problems he knows about so we can fix them.

There are few apps that will touch that file. Vdelivermail and the vpopmail tools are one. Courier-IMAP is another, as is qmail-pop3d if you're running it. Qmailadmin does as well, but it runs as the vpopmail user so it couldn't be responsible. Maybe vmoduser does it, but I'd think it would have come up before now. Maybe SqWebMail, but I don't know much about that program.

It would take a lot of work, but you could write a program to look for root-owned maildirsize files, log the directory and timestamp of the file, and then check the maillog to see if the file was created while that user was logged into Courier-IMAP.

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