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I don't appear to have that file on my box. Is there a specific location I should look for it, or something else it might be called by chance? already did a #find / | grep vpopmail.c and came up with zilch. Could just be a gentoo thing, or a file that got renamed/misnamed in the build. No big deal but some clues would be helpful in tracking down the discrepency.

Thanks again
Scott Gamble

Tom Collins wrote:
On Feb 18, 2005, at 6:00 PM, Scott Gamble wrote:

what I'd like to happen is (I hope) simple. When creating a user account,
only the inbox is created, and I actually need both the Drafts and Sent
folders created too lest squirrelmail get choked up. Is there somewhere I
haven't found that can make this happen?

In vpopmail.c, look for the dirnames constant in make_user_dir(). Add any additional folder names to the list, recompile, and reinstall. If you run qmailadmin, reinstall that as well (since it statically links libvpopmail).

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