Bill Wichers wrote:

On OpenBSD 3.6,
with vpopmail-5.4.9, running as root, with ls unaliased,
a ./configure gives me these two errors:


I did not see any options in ./configure --help that would appear to
help in this case.

Has anyone built this on OpenBSD lately?

Not being a BSD guru myself (I could help on Linux), I offer a question: are you using vpopmail from ports? Several BSD users in our colo have had problems with vpopmail from BSD ports. Apparently some odd assumptions are made in the packages you get that way. If that's the case, you could try compiling the sources directly (use clean copies from Sourceforge).

Maybe not as much as you were hoping for, but at least it was fast :-)
There is some info in the archives about BSD compile time errors too that
you should probably have a look at.

In addition, Matt Simerson maintains a collection of PERL-scripts (really CPAN-modules now) that take a more "deterministic" approach in producing a working qmail+vpopmail+much-else installation - on FreeBSD. But as it is said to work on Fedora, too, I'd say chances are good it also works on OpenBSD (with the silly obstacle that OpenBSD has killed all DJB-software from ports...)

cheers, Rainer

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