Rick Macdougall wrote:
Dion Bairle wrote:
I have looked around in the list and it may not be the right place for
it but here we go!

Hi I have a script written in PHP which removes a users entry from the
SQL data base for VPOPMAIL however it does not remove the users
Maildir. Does any one know what (if any) code can be used to remove
the Maildir.


Download the latest cvs and compile it. Then install and setup vpopmaild and use the vpopmaild-php interface (http://pmailadmin.sourceforge.net/vpopmaild-php.php). It works fine with vpopmail 5.4.x.

Just throwing this out for hahas, thinking aloud so to speak. I've looked at the need to administer vpopmail via a web interface for our support group. Currently I use a set of scripts which drop command files that are run via cron. It has worked wonderfully so far.

I have looked at the webmin modules, the vpopmail daemon, the PHP extension. They all leave me a bit scared. I never liked the idea of running a webserver on top of my mail server and I am looking to start an imap proxy just to remove this security issue (security IMHO, you're opinion may differ) by moving my webmail interface to a single webserver instead of a round robin DNS to each toaster.

I looked as well at some of the patches to qmail which enable them to run from MySQL, but then vpopmail needs to access the virtualdomains and users files so the qmail-MySQL and vpopmail don't work together there.

Any reason vpopmail should not just include patches to qmail to enable a qmail config store? It seems this is the perfect answer. No extra daemons to run (or listen), no permission changes required to qmail, everything in a common MySQL db. The admin interface could be PHP, Perl, RAILS, Java Servlets, anything that can communicate with MySQL would work.

Just a thought.


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