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>I saw this frequently when I had a few users on _AppleMail_ for Mac 
>(OS-X). (Is that what you mean by "MacMail"?)
>When they used Eudora, Thunderbird, Entourage, or any other Mac clients, 
>there were no errors. It doesn't seem to bother the user, mail 
>works...but I never really got any answers, never pushed the question 
>very hard here, either.

This bothered me for a long time, so I began a long search for answers. I was
not able to get a definitive answer, but I'm confident this is accurate.

Apple Mail does not have a setting for choosing APOP or plain-text
authentication, so it simply tries APOP first and if that fails then falls
back to plain-text. I don't remember where I found this answer; I think it was
one of Apple's discussion forums.

Which then leads to my next question which I haven't found an answer for. How
can I easily change vpopmail accounts to use APOP instead? I only want to do
that for the users that are using Apple Mail (or unless users request APOP).
And the only way I have found for setting APOP is when creating new accounts.
Is there a way to change *existing* accounts to use APOP?

BTW, I'd love to have an option for setting APOP in qmailadmin when creating
(or updating) accounts. And adding that feature is beyond my skill level. Any
offers of assistance?


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