Evening All,

I figured I'd upgrade my qmail/vpopmail installation this evening to upgrade to chkuser 2.x (specifically for quota and MX checking).

I followed Bill's toaster as usual and installed the new version.

My load avg going from an old toaster with chkuser 0.8 (or so) to the new version went from 0.50 on avg, to 20.00+ with the new version with all the processes using the CPU being qmail-smtpd.

It's a standard vpopmail install (5.4.x) using cdb but qmail running as root (as I have some domains in their own directory for domain quota reasons). I usually have 40 - 60 incoming connections at any given point with about 100K delivery's per day.

Any ideas why the load avg of qmail-smtpd would shoot so high with the new version of chkusr or perhaps Bill's toaster ?



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