On Mar 1, 2005, at 11:05 AM, Bill Wichers wrote:
Running spamc/spamd directly from vpopmail seems very, very scary to me.
We handle well over 1 million messages/day here and have several beefy
machines front-ending for our mail system that do all the filtering
(ClamAV and Spamassassin). Running Spamassassin on the vpopmail mailstore
box simply does not work from us (nowhere near enough CPU/RAM resources on
the one server). Spamassassin really *is* seperate from vpopmail. The
filtering function could be efficiently implemented in vdelivermail since
that process is already involved in the message delivery, and it would be
nice to not have to involve shell or perl scripts to filter messages into

Just a quick note.

vdelivermail already parses headers to make sure mail is not looping. It could easily check for SpamAssassin headers and filter based on that. Again, this would be a compile-time option, and those who know how to use maildrop/procmail could do their fancy filtering there.

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