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I also think spamc options should be stored in the same place.

Currently the spamc options can be set on the configure line. We thought that would be a good place since the spamc options are site wide. I think all the user preference options are stored in each user_prefs directory.

So you would have one set of args to spamc? Something like

/usr/local/bin/spamc -s 25000 -f -d -p 1783 -u [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This is how we currently do it, with the users prefs stored in SQL so users can adjust their own score, set whitelists and blacklists, etc.

vdelivermail would call spamc. Personally, I don't think we should offer the ability to call
Spamassassin directly. It's just not as efficient.

I think when people talked about calling spamassassin they meant calling spamc to talk to spamassassin. At least, that's how the development code works now.

Maybe the spamc functionality could be compiled right into vdelivermail so no forking is
necessary. That would be slick!

Depends on how much of a moving target spamc code is. If it just is a socket write/read type of thing then it might be a good idea. Anyone feel like reviewing spamc.c?

spamc has been pretty stable since 2.63. I've run spamc on my toasters unchanged after two upgrades to spamd on my backend without a problem.
spamc has the option of using tcp instead of sockets. This was our choice as it allows connecting to either a local spamd or a remote spamd.

If I knew C better I'd review it, but I wouldn't trust my judgment. I can see where having spamc built in would be nice, but it could get complicated quickly. I'm moving more in favor of just letting vdelivermail check for spam headers and deliver appropriately.

Given a conf line in the domain limits file you could set what spam headers to look for. (This would allow for changes to SpamAssassin's header format. The headers have changed, and many people customise them, *they* would be your moving target.) By making the spam headers a user definable string, you also allow spam tools other than SpamAssassin to be used.


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