I saw the following on one of the courier lists that piqued my interest:

----- (Brian Candler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>)
"I've used deliverquota, not maildrop, but they use the same library for
delivering mail into the maildir.

If I remember rightly: if you try to send a mail which would take the
mailbox over-quota, deliverquota will exit with an error code (EX_TEMPFAIL
or EX_NOPERM or something like that) and not deliver the message, nor any

What happens next is up to Postfix. It may treat this as a temporary error, and retain the mail in its queue - retrying periodically, and eventually bouncing it after a few days."

I use maildrop on anyone that's using spam filtering, and I occasionally see this error logged from maildrop:

Mar  4 15:48:50 xena maildrop[21338]: Unable to open mailbox.

Not very specific, but dollars to donuts says it's probably the above situation. If that's the case, can anyone think of a fix for this situation (ie: user is at 89% usage w/10MB quota and a 2MB message comes in)? Ideally, that message should bounce back to the sender with an overquota message...

ps: anyone else notice that the sf.net list for vpopmail-devel looks to be dead?



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