I recently upgraded to the latest version of qmail, vpopmail and sqwebmail.

Everything is working properly. However, with the new release of vpopmail, it has the vdomain set up with the users inside the domains directory.

The earlier version that I was using, didn't do it this way.

How can I move the old emails and folders and everything to the new directories and have the current release read the old emails. I tried to do a tar of the old directory of /home/vpopmail/users/username and restore it to the /home/vpopmail/domains/domainname/username and this made the Sent and a few other folders disappear. And I couldn't recreate them, because it was saying they existed.

I've since restore the user directories under the domain name directory to what they were before I started.

Is there an FAQ or something that explains how to move the mail and everything?

Thanks in advance.

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