on 3/3/05 12:03 PM, Tom Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Mar 3, 2005, at 8:54 AM, Nick Harring wrote:
>> No, it wouldn't require this. It would require that you edit the
>> recipient list prior to queueing. There's nothing 'ugly' that I can see
>> about that process.
> I think Nick's method would work for those who want to block anything
> that scores as spam but not modify message headers.
> For others, like myself, who want to block at 10+ but tag as spam
> anything with 5+, it will not work.  In my case, each user would need
> their own, custom copy of the email with the headers (and possible
> rewritten message) based on their personal scoring configuration.
> I kind of like my original idea though, but would want to collect some
> stats before implementing it.  My idea is pretty simple -- for
> non-relay hosts, after the first RCPT TO is accepted, reply to all
> additional RCPT TO requests with a 4xx result.
> How many messages come into a server for multiple recipients in the
> same domain?

Practically all spam coming to my server comes to multiple recipients.  For
non-spam messages this is much less frequent.

> I guess if someone was mailing multiple people at the
> same company, it would happen.  But with most mailing lists using
> custom bounce messages for each recipient, they wouldn't be affected.
> How about the spammers who email 100's of random usernames in a domain,
> hoping to hit valid addresses?  The 4xx response would at least slow
> them down (and even stop them if their spam programs don't retry 4xx
> responses).
> The biggest downside I can see is if someone sends a large email (say
> with a file attached) to multiple people in one domain, then sending
> server will have to push it through multiple times.

Here is another possibility that comes to mind as a "transparent" solution.
I don't know whether the scanner can be configured to work this way:

Scan the incoming message based on each of the multiple recipients'
settings.  If *all* users agree to reject, then reject it at the SMTP level.
In any other case mark the mail with a provisional spam status header line
which indicates that scanning must be deferred until delivery time.
Messages without the provisional status line are not scanned at delivery


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