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Before I grab that (might be later this week before I can look at it), are there any ideas/concepts for using vpopmaild with a group of machines? I'm curious how this can add a domain. Are you able to HUP qmail on multiple machines once a domain is added?

Well, once you connect to the vpopmail daemon on the machine, the add domain function calls the vpopmail library add domain function that does the HUP signal to qmail-send.

Understood, but what of the other three machines I have running? They all use the same control files. If I add a domain on machine A using vpopmail daemon, machine A gets to HUP qmail-send, but I cannot run vadddomain again on machines B, C, D. So I must login and run "svc -h /service/qmail-send" manually on machine B, C, and D.

Hmmm, I'm pondering this one. Still liking the idea of qmail and vpopmail both in MySQL.

Could a function be added to vpopmaild to *only* rehup qmail-send? This could be called from vhostadmin. A config could be added to list multiple machines that need a rehup when a domain is added, a php array of machines running vpopmaild?


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