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Understood, but what of the other three machines I have running? They
all use the same control files. If I add a domain on machine A using
vpopmail daemon, machine A gets to HUP qmail-send, but I cannot run
vadddomain again on machines B, C, D. So I must login and run "svc -h
/service/qmail-send" manually on machine B, C, and D.

the way I've handled this in the past on customer machines is to have a 'sync' script that syncs the control files (set on a cronjob.. run every 5 minutes..) and it checks timestamps and HUPs/restarts daemons accordingly.

My control files (some of them) are symlinks to NFS mounted files. I
could seperate them and run rsync to pull over changes, restarting when

I would advise doing that anyways since qmail accesses the control directory a lot and accessing it across NFS can degrade performance...

I have nfs performance to spare, but I understand your thoughts and I am in the process of moving away from that setup. I have just gotten around to starting on a web tool to enable our support group to manage email.

So I am looking at tieing spamassassin, vpopmail, and our autoresponder into one tool set available from a ssl web server. This is why I am so curious about where vpopmaild and vdeliver mail are going. They both play a bit part in our plans. I don't want to redesign the wheel, nor write code that is not useable a month down the road as vpopmail picks up new features.

Hmmm.... Currently all machines do not run the same control files though. is my backup MX and it has entries in
morercpthosts for all our hosted domains, plus some domains that our
clients provide primary MX on. So I don't want to rehup all my machines
if a domain is added to mailspool.

There are only certain control files that require HUP'ing or restarting anything... specifically the ones that qmail-send uses.. everything else is read on a per-invocation basis (qmail-smtpd, qmail-remote, etc)

locals and rcpthosts are HUP of qmail-send
queuelifetime, bouncefrom, bounceto, doublebounceto, doublebouncehost, me, concurrency{local,remote} all require restart of qmail-send.

Been there, got those memorized ;^)


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