Ok.  I posted once and haven't gotten a reply.

Does anyone know to move the old email and folders after an upgrade is

The old structure was /home/vpopmail/users/<user>/Maildir but with adding
domains, the structure is /home/vpopmail/domains/users/<user>/Maildr.

I figured tarring up the old Maildir and untarring it to the new Maildir
would do it.  It didn't, so luckily I had a backup before I tried it. 
What happened was that the only directory that showed up was the Inbox. 
It would not let me access or create a Sent or Drafts or anything, since
it thought it did exist.  It did exist, but was not accessible.  it wasn't
a permissions problem either.

So, can I get some help as some users have a large number of folders they
created with old saved mails.


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