> The old structure was /home/vpopmail/users/<user>/Maildir but with adding
> domains, the structure is /home/vpopmail/domains/users/<user>/Maildr.

You could make a symlink into the old directory structure from the new...
It's not an ideal way, but it will buy you some time until you want to
rearrange things...

> I figured tarring up the old Maildir and untarring it to the new Maildir
> would do it.  It didn't, so luckily I had a backup before I tried it.
> What happened was that the only directory that showed up was the Inbox.
> It would not let me access or create a Sent or Drafts or anything, since
> it thought it did exist.  It did exist, but was not accessible.  it wasn't
> a permissions problem either.

Try looking at the permissions one level up. I've had that problem before.
The actual Maildir structure hasn't changed for a looong time, so the only
thing you should have to worry about is which domain a given Maildir is

> So, can I get some help as some users have a large number of folders they
> created with old saved mails.

How many users? If you only have a few, you can just move them around by
hand. What I have done in the past is to create the user with vadduser,
then move that user's Maildir out of my backup and overwrite the Maildir
created by vadduser. I always used the same users and groups so
permissions usually aren't a problem when doing this. Basic commands are
something like this:

cd somedomain.com/
tar xf somedomain.com.tar
<path_to_bin>/vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]
mv -f somedomain.com/somebody/* ./

The backup untarrs to somedomain.com/somedomain.com with the "old" users
all under that dir. Once the users have all been moved, you just delete
the somedomain.com backup directory. This is easy to do with a few users,
and I've never had enough problems to bother writing a script to do it for

You shouldn't be having problems with the structure of the Maildirs


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