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Good morning,

I recently installed chkuser in response to a SpamCop listing. I have a user getting addresses rejected that we know exist. The addresses are in valias and work fine when I send a message. The user in question is recently getting rejections. Here is a sample of the qmail-smtp log.

2005-03-15 17:06:06.731444500 CHKUSER rejected rcpt: from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]::> remote <> rcpt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> : not existing recipient

2005-03-16 08:37:28.526532500 CHKUSER accepted rcpt: from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]::> remote <[]> rcpt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> : found existing recipient

You should enable CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT and see if there are any strange characters (invisible in log) that make the address unusable (you have rcpt not existing when you could have INVALID FORMAT)

I can certainly do that. But I am confused, if I did't enable CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT shouldn't the address work as it did before? Or is there some level of format checking going on by default?

Despite of CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT define, chkuser calls some routines to check for rcpt existence, and may be that address "my(invisible char)[EMAIL PROTECTED]" is not found and logged immediately as "not existing rcpt".





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