Christian Martini wrote:
> Hi! im new to the world of mail servers on linux and im trying to set
> up a debian/qmail/vpopmail server. So far ive managed to make
> everything work quite well but im having a bit of a problem when i try
> to access my pop3 mail account. Ive created a virtual
> domain ( with vadddomain and a user account ([EMAIL PROTECTED]
> <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>) with vadduser. When I try to log in and the mail
> client tries to validate it always returns a log in fail message.
> Basically it says to check for the user name and password to be correct.
> Can anyone help me out? Any advise would be great! Thanks in advance!
> Cheers
> Christian

duh, if you haven't - recompile vpopmail with verbose auth error
reporting, check the qmail-pop3d startup script, try to execute it by
hand, just to see if it has some typo error somewhere.. umm, what else -
ah yes, give more information about your setup, the contents of the run
files and so on.

Best Regards,

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