I have been charged with setting up a new mail server for our small
college, and I really want to use qmail+vpopmail, because of the admin
features of qmailadmin. (and ezmlm, .qmail files, etc)

  The catch:  My user database is in Active Directory, and I can't talk
management out of letting it go yet.

  I have been reading about the possibility of changing the AD schema to
work with vpopmail's ldap module, and I have gotten the go-ahead to do
that if I can make it work on my test domain, but if anyone has any
better ideas on how to do this, if it will work at all, I would greatly
appreciate them.

  Possibilities I have thought about:
  1.  Modify AD schema.
      This seems to be messy, and I'm not sure it would work at all.  Can
I use the OpenLDAP schema file included with vpopmail to use as a
template for AD?
  2.  Run separate OpenLDAP database on the mail server, and sync passwords.
      However, I don't know if this one is feasible or even possible?

If anyone has tackled something similar and knows the most efficient way
to handle it, I would really appreciate the advice (This includes if you
have talked your superiors into letting go of AD)!

If I'm barking up a dead tree, I would love to know that, too.

Thanks in advance,


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