Hello, I recently upgraded vpopmail to 5.4.9 with netqmail 1.0.5 with the big qmail patch from shupp.org. Authentication is file-based.

vdelivermail now seems to ignore maildir quotas for messages delivered via a catchall/.qmail-default address.

e.g. I have a mailbox [EMAIL PROTECTED], with no .qmail file. The catchall (in .qmail-default) for domain.com is set to [EMAIL PROTECTED] For instance, there is no mailbox at [EMAIL PROTECTED] so mail sent there will go to the catchall.

When oq has exceeded its quota, messages sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] directly begin to bounce, as expected. But messages sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] are delivered to the oq mailbox despite it being over quota, whereas they ought to bounce.

I'm wondering if this has been fixed or is being worked on.

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