Minor bug fixes. Includes a fix for vchkpw to work with Sparc64 (and all
other new 64-bit architectures) and a fix for problems setting quota on
newly added users on MySQL systems using replication.


Stephan Tesch
- md5.h: fix related to segfaults in vchkpw on Sparc64. [1144851]

Peter Seiderer
- vcdb.c: vauth_getpw() didn't check for invalid domain.

Bill Shupp
- vuserinfo: display spamassassin info.

- vpopmail.c: Add missing ifdef that preventing modification of
  one-character username accounts.

Niki Denev
- maildirquota.c: Remove double free() and fix use of free'd
  memory in docheckquota(). [1101316]
- contrib/qmail-maildir++.patch: same fix as for maildirquota.c.

Tom Collins
- vlimits.c: print errors to stderr.
- vmoduser.c: add clarity to usage/help for bit flags.
- vcdb.c: be sure to close password file in vauth_getpw().
- md5.h: use cdb/uint32.h (built by configure)  for defining
  uint32. [1144851]
- vpopmail.c: fix vauth_user() to not clobber pw_uid and pw_gid.
- vpopmail.c: If setting user quota for new user fails because newly
  created user does not exist, sleep 5 seconds and try again.
  (This can happen on servers using MySQL replication.)
- Remove convert/vcalias.c and related files; vcalias was replaced
  by dotqmail2valias.

Michael Bowe
- fix typo of where the configure script says it
  is checking for qmail-inject when in fact it was checking for
- Documentation updates to README.roamingusers. Mention the
  requirement of tcpserver for POP-before-SMTP. Also include
  some documentation on IMAP-before-SMTP. [1110269]

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