Bob Ababurko wrote:


I am trying to move the maildirs form one server to a newer box that I have
done a resinstall on and I am having some major issues.  I am using vpopmail
5.4.0 on both machines.  I have a working vpopmail install on the new box
and it is time to migrate the accounts and maildirs.
I figured that I could copy the /vpopmail/domains folder over to the new
machine and thigs would be ok since I am using vchkpw and that is with the
dir structure but it seems that I may have made an amatuer move because I
cannot log into the accounts with telnet and when I access them with vqadmin
to change passwords things get erased.
Can someone please help me see the light!

Off the top of my head,

Are your permissions correct?

Does your /home/vpopmail/domains directory structure match the paths in your /var/qmail/users/assign file?

What were the steps exactly you took to move the domains over to the new machine?


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