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On Mar 21, 2005, at 8:38 PM, Rick Widmer wrote:

i feel that all that I have to do is remedy the uid:gid and it should
but I am also thinking that changing the uid:gid in the
/var/qmail/users/assign should have done the trick. Can someone
comment on

UID/GID values are compiled into vpopmail. You have to re-compile
everything that depends on them when they change. By everything I
mean after you compile vpopmail you have to do qmailadmin and anything
else that uses it.

You also have to change the uid/gid in /var/qmail/users/assign.

Do whatever you can to ensure that the uid/gid for vpopmail:vchkpw does
not change when moving to a new server.  It will make your life a lot

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I have to ask again....should changing the uid:gid in the assign file to
reflect the system, work? It seems like that would be the other way around
the mess instead of changing the systema(vopomail:vchkpw ID's)

You say to ensure that the uid:gid be the same, but what besides the assign
file is dependant on the uid:gid? terms of the files that I have
copird over to the new machine.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I dont quite understand this and if I have
to deal with this matter unill it is fixed then I may as well try to
understand what is going on.


Bob, In your OLD install you used to have UX and GX for uid and gid. For your NEW install you have UY and GY for uid and gid, right?

i've been in this trouble, so:

so,the best way: you must change the file ownerships to UY and GY, the assing file
if you copied the files from OLD to NEW, they still have the uid and gids from the original, check if on the NEW when you ls -la you see the proper uid/gid

to change the ownership: if on NEW you don't have a user with UX and/or GX (the uids from the old) you can execute someting like

find / -uid UX -exec chown UY \{\} \;

for the uid

find / -gid GX -exec chown GY \{\} \;

you can substitute / with some directory to limit che change, but, if you do not use UX and GX on your NEW machine, it is better to sit and wait for find to change everything starting from /

these commands will find any file with the old uid and old gid and change them to the new values.

if you use sqwebmail, and have troubles logging in only in sqwebmail, check for sqwebmail cache files, and if needed, remove them.

wwell edi

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