Jason Wilkinson wrote:

Bob Ababurko wrote:

Unfortunately, I did a qmailrocks install this time around and it
used some abnormail uid:gid of 1009:1004, respctively.

When you say, "change UID and
GID accordingly"...what do you mean by that?  I have changed the
assign uid:gid to 1009:1004, but that does not seem to work.

I believe that something else other than the assign file is is
causing my original 89:89 files on the 1009:1004 machine to talk

Have you tried "re-chowning" the files to be truly owned by the new UID/GID?

I'm just making this up as I go, so it's almost certain not to work as
is...but try something like.

chown 89:89 `find /home/vpopmail -user 1009` \
&& chown 89:89 `find /home/vpopmail -group 1004`


chown -R --from=1009 89 /home/vpopmail
chown -R --from=:1004 :89 /home/vpopmail

I am not aware of what, but something tells me that I will
figure it out before it all is over. I really would rather figure
out how this works as oppsed to adding all the accounts by hand. Not
only is this ugly, I am not aware of how my system is working while I
have a perfect chance to learn.

Back to the original rsync.. I think that if you use the right options when you copy the dir's you should be fine.. This is how I do it and it makes the files EXACTLY the same

rsync -ptog --force --recursive --delete rsync:// /home/vpopmail/domains

Of course you will have to change the ipaddress of the master server and the share name. But those are the options that work great for me.


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