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| Bounce = exit 100.  Defer = exit 111.  OK = exit 0.
| I'm not sure what 99 is used for.


In qmail-command man page you are told about these options:

If the filter exits 99, the mail is silently dropped on the floor.
If the filter exits 0, the mail is delivered to the maildir.
If the filter exits 100, the mail is bounced.
If the filter exits 111, the mail remains in the queue. (Handy if the the
filter requires resources which are temporarily

This is features that work with .qmail files in home dirs in use with qmail.
But it seems that the .qmail file in vpopmail-installations does not follow
the same nifty rules. :(

The 99 is very nice, since you can control if the next line will be run.
Without making a deferral.

Hkon Nessjen

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