/* Name of package */
#define PACKAGE "vpopmail"

/* Version number of package */
#define VERSION "5.2.1"

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Fra: Tom Collins [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Sendt: 23. mars 2005 07:26
Til: vchkpw@inter7.com
Emne: Re: [vchkpw] Mails bouncing with .qmail in user-dir

On Mar 22, 2005, at 6:21 PM, Hkon Nessjen wrote:
> But my question is, why doesn't vpopmail sucessfully deliver on a 99 
> exit
> value? It returns a deferral.

What version of vpopmail?

I just looked at run_command(), and it does _exit(99) if the called 
program exits with an exitcode of 99.

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