Hi - Just found the archive, so disregard my previous question.  Don't know
how I could have overlooked it.  Ok, I've just joined and my first question
already labels me as a pinhead.  I'll try to do better in future ;-)

I have two questions regarding mysql support in vpopmail (currently running

1. Is it ok to update the vpopmail table directly, such as to set a quota
for an entire domain by e.g. "update vpopmail set pw_shell='NOQUOTA' where
pw_domain='foo.com'", or are there side-effects of the vsetuserquota command
that make it necessary?

2. Can you point me to some documentation of the operation of the various
other tables in the vpopmail mysql schema and the way they relate to
relaying, aliases, etc.?  I tried to set up vpopmail with most of the mysql
support options (except logging), but I notice that only the 'dir_control',
'lastauth', and 'vpopmail' tables contain data -- the others,
'ip_alias_map', 'limits', 'relay', 'valias' remain empty (I'd expect 'vlog'
to be empty).  I want to learn...!

Thanks for any help,

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