I'm intending to do some custom filtering via .qmail | command lines, and
I'm wondering whether I need to worry about reentrancy issues.  I don't
remember people talking about this in discussions of spam filtering for
example, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something.

The qmail doc says:
> qmail-lspawn invokes qmail-local asynchronously, so the
> results may not be in the same order as the commands.

and this might seem to have the implication that commands in .qmail files
might end up being executed in parallel.  I would wish this was not so, and
that I could execute commands freely in various .qmail files without having
to worry about using locks.

Is there any kind of implicit protection against such issues?

Thanks.  I realize this is more of a qmail question than a vpopmail
question, but I'd appreciate any responses.

-Kurt Bigler

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