On Mar 28, 2005, at 4:26 PM, Kurt Bigler wrote:
The qmail doc says:
qmail-lspawn invokes qmail-local asynchronously, so the
results may not be in the same order as the commands.

and this might seem to have the implication that commands in .qmail files
might end up being executed in parallel. I would wish this was not so, and
that I could execute commands freely in various .qmail files without having
to worry about using locks.

The programs in a .qmail file will run in order, one at a time. It has to work this way, since any program can exit in a way to prevent further execution of the .qmail file.

I think the qmail-lspawn doc is saying that messages might be processed out of order (I send you messages A, B and C, and qmail-local procceses them as B, C, then A). It also implies that your scripts could be processing multiple messages simultaneously, so if you use temp files, be sure to generate unique names.

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