On Tuesday 29 March 2005 10:31 am, Tobias Orlamuende wrote:
> After intensive logging I found out, that chkuser sends something like "You
> are violating my security policy" when CHKUSERRCPTLIMIT and / or
> That's fine so far, but the other side is still sending masses of "rcpt
> to". This causes qmail-smtpd to stay open for a very long time until the
> sender finishes sending his spam.

so?  the resources consumed by a single copy of qmail-smtpd hanging around for 
some spammer to give up are minimal.

> Wouldn't it make sense to let chkuser terminatie this specific qmail-smtpd
> instance if one of the above limits is reached?

perhaps, but why?

> If yes, how could it be implemented?

just edit the code.  Find the place where it flips on the "ok, we're not 
accepting anymore" limit... and have it exit.


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