I was able to try out vHostAdmin on a Development environment.

I was delighted to see it working quite well even in the infancy stage.

I would note my experience below, but first let me jot down how I did (some others may get benefited and some others may be able to comment if I have done anything incorrectly):

cd /home/devendra
wget http://www.inter7.com/vhostadmin/vpopmail-5.5.3.tar.gz
tar xzfv vpopmail-5.5.3.tar.gz
cd vpopmail-5.5.3
./configure \
  --enable-roaming-users=n \
  --enable-logging=p \
  --enable-passwd=n \
  --enable-clear-passwd=y \
  --enable-auth-module=mysql \
  --enable-many-domains=y \
  --enable-auth-logging=y \
  --enable-mysql-logging=y \
  --enable-valias=y \
  --enable-mysql-limits=n \
  --enable-ip-alias-domains=n \
  --enable-incdir=/usr/local/mysql/include \

Note: I did not do "make install-strip" as I wanted to get vpopmaild binary only.

cp -P vpopmaild /home/vpopmail/bin
chown vpopmail:vchkpw /home/vpopmail/bin/vpopmaild

mkdir /var/log/qmail/vpopmaild
chown -R qmaill /var/log/qmail/vpopmaild

mkdir -p /var/qmail/supervise/vpopmaild/log
chmod +t /var/qmail/supervise/vpopmaild

vi /var/qmail/supervise/vpopmaild/run #!/bin/sh # Port: 89 /usr/local/bin/tcpserver -vHRD 0 89 /home/vpopmail/bin/vpopmaild 2>&1

vi /var/qmail/supervise/vpopmaild/log/run
# Keep 30 logs of max 10Mb each
# They will get rotated when they reach 10Mb in size,
exec /usr/local/bin/setuidgid qmaill /usr/local/bin/multilog t s10000000 n30 /var/log/qmail/vpopmaild

chmod 755 /var/qmail/supervise/vpopmaild/run
chmod 755 /var/qmail/supervise/vpopmaild/log/run

ln -s /var/qmail/supervise/vpopmaild /service

cd /home/devendra
wget http://www.inter7.com/vhostadmin/vhostadmin-cvs-1112134662.tar.gz

Notes from: INSTALL DOC
Unpackage into webserver document root
Copy include/global.inc-dist to include/global.inc
Edit include/global.inc, modify paths and hosts
  session_directory must be a directory readable and writable
  by the webserver
vpopmaild must be running to log in

cd /myserver/public_html/
tar xzfv /home/devendra/vhostadmin-cvs-1112134662.tar.gz
mv vhostadmin-cvs-1112134662 vhostadmin
chown -R intermsh:intermsh vhostadmin
cd vhostadmin
rm -rf BUGS CVS doc TODO
cp include/global.inc-dist include/global.inc
chown intermsh:intermsh include/global.inc
chmod 755 include/global.inc
vi include/global.inc
--> did change the required settings.

Note: I had to recompile my PHP for --enable-sockets, my php configure as:
./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs --enable-sockets

My experience with vHostAdmin:
I had to set the SA_ADMIN privileges manually for one account as even the new vmoduser did not support the -S switch:
mysql> use vpopmail;
Database changed
mysql> update vpopmail set pw_gid=65536 where pw_name='postmaster' and pw_domain='qmail2.intermesh.net';

I had to modify str_replace lines in following three files as [Warning: Wrong parameter count for str_replace()]:
//$str = str_replace("v|", "", trim($data), 1);
$str = str_replace("v|", "", trim($data));
//$str = str_replace("v|", "", trim($data), 1);
$str = str_replace("v|", "", trim($data));
//$str = str_replace("v|", "", trim($data), 1);
$str = str_replace("v|", "", trim($data));

Go to Domain / Go to User / Go to Forwards does not support partial search.
All the Mailing Lists show up in Forwards.
Modify User is not having options to modify the Limits and Quota


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