On Tuesday, April  5 at 01:24 AM, quoth Kurt Bigler:
> > NOTE: This command must deliver the mail)
> Particularly the last line is of interest.


> All I need is to satisfy that requirement that the command must 
> deliver the mail.  I want it delivered exactly as vdelivermail would 
> have delivered it, but I want to pipe it through my filter on the way 
> out.
> I have been able to prototype my filtering functionality in a .qmail-user
> file in one of my domain directories as follows:
>     | myfilter | /var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox
> I have been testing this for several days and this approach is working fine.

Yes, however, this approach will not work as the QmailAdmin 
spam-command. It will create a loop (i.e. vdelivermail sends it to your 
filter, which pipes it to vdelivermail, which sends it to...).

> However, it is a hack (and doesn't play well with qmailadmin), and what I
> really want to do is to be able to use something like this in the
> user/.qmail file instead:
>     | preline myfilter | simple_vpopmail_final_delivery

What you *want* is this:

| preline yourfilter | maildir $vpophome/$domain/$user/Maildir/

(maildir is from the safecat package)

However, vpopmail steadfastly refuses to set up the environment for it's 
.qmail processing in a convenient way (or even a qmail-compatible way), 
so what you can do is approximate it like this (all on one line):

| preline yourfilter | maildir /path/to/vpopdomains/`echo $USER | tr A-Z 
a-z`/`echo $EXT | tr A-Z a-z`/Maildir/

> My assumption is that what I am calling simple_vpopmail_final_delivery 
> is in fact the last stage of what vdelivermail does, and if so I'm 
> wondering if there is any architectural reason why this piece of 
> functionality could not be made available as a separate command, 
> perhaps even as vdelivermail with another command-line option to 
> suppress prelinining and other functionality associated with the 
> user/.qmail file.

It would HAVE to ignore the .qmail file, otherwise you passing mail to 
it from within the .qmail file would create a loop. That, or to prevent 
people from destroying their own mail servers, it would have to have 
it's own loop detection.

> In the mean time, what is the best (simplest, most reliable) way to 
> achieve
> this simplistic delivery functionality?

I think "maildir" (or "safecat") is what you want to use. If you think 
the environment manipulation is a bit much, I agree, but them's the 
breaks, at the moment.

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