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What you *want* is this:

| preline yourfilter | maildir $vpophome/$domain/$user/Maildir/

(maildir is from the safecat package)

However, vpopmail steadfastly refuses to set up the environment for it's
.qmail processing in a convenient way (or even a qmail-compatible way),
so what you can do is approximate it like this (all on one line):

| preline yourfilter | maildir /path/to/vpopdomains/`echo $USER | tr A-Z
a-z`/`echo $EXT | tr A-Z a-z`/Maildir/

I don't think it needs to be that complicated, all I have is: | preline yourfilter | /usr/local/bin/maildir.sh ./Maildir/

My maildir.sh file is:
exec /usr/bin/safecat "$1"/tmp "$1"/new

works for me since the .qmail file is in the users home directory.

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