I don't think Thunderbird does TLS by default.  At least I have it turned off on mine.
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backend shouldn't matter.  How about doing a packet capture (tcpdump) and seeing if Thunderbird is actually trying?  Sometimes things can happen so fast it may seem like it's not trying.
Also, how about TLS.  Doesn't Thunderbird try TLS by default?  How about turning that off?

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Well, oddly enough the problem with sending email seems to be Thunderbird itself.  I can send email from Outlook Express just fine when I use the lebanon-tn.com account with it.  However, Thunderbird has a knee-jerk reaction of not being able to connect to the smtp server.  It seems as though it fails before it even tries.  Funny thing is that it does not do this when Mysql is the backend instead of postgres.
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Hey, this is Joshua Coucke (on my work account)
I have been able to get the email server working on postgres like I said.  However, I can not send messages.  I get an error message telling me that Thunderbird can not connect to the SMTP server.
When I check in the vlog table it has this error "vchkpw-pop3: vpopmail user not found [EMAIL PROTECTED]:x.x.x.x"
Now the user is in the database, I can see it using phppgadmin and the vuserinfo command.  So why is vchkpw-pop3 not finding the user?
Joshua Coucke

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