On Apr 7, 2005, at 6:40 AM, Mario Cardia wrote:
the problem is that i have many .qmail-user files that redirect mail with
vdeliver mail, exemple:
| /opt/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' /opt/vpopmail/domains/test.com/user
It works fine in old mail server but in the new one it fails.

vdelivermail should only be used in the .qmail-default file.

If [EMAIL PROTECTED] exists in the vpasswd file (or MySQL backend), then you don't need a .qmail-user file. If you want [EMAIL PROTECTED] to be stored in the Maildir for [EMAIL PROTECTED], it's better to just put "&[EMAIL PROTECTED]" in .qmail-user1.

The diferences between de old server and the new server are:
- vpopmail version(5.4.5 in the old one, 5.4.10 in the new one)
- qmail location (/var/qmail in the old one, /opt/qmail in the new one)

Try making a symlink from /var/qmail to /opt/qmail in case there's still something that references the old path.

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