On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Chase Urich wrote:

Send an email to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It's in the headers of every message ... and usually is for most
mailing list (for future reference).

Some mail clients even parse those headers and let you just click a bit to unsub:

    [ Note: This message contains email list management information ]

PINE 4.61 MAIL LIST COMMANDS <fasttrackmonkey > vchkpw Msg 592 of 611 DEL +
Mail List Commands

Message 592 has information associated with it that explains how to
participate in an email list. An email list is represented by a single
email address that users sharing a common interest can send messages to
(known as posting) which are then redistributed to all members of the
list (sometimes after review by a moderator).

List participation commands in this message include:

 *  A method to get information about the list and instructions on how to

    Select HERE to seek help.

 *  A method to remove yourself from the list (Unsubscribe).

    Select HERE to UNsubscribe.

Neat stuff!  Don't know which GUI mailers do this, but I'm sure some must.


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