On Apr 8, 2005, at 6:31 PM, Kurt Bigler wrote:
But it strikes me that if a .qmail-<alias> file contains for example exactly
the same thing as .qmail-default, this would not hurt system behavior at
all. Qmail looks for a .qmail-<alias> file first and if it finds one it
does not look at .qmail-default. So there is no issue of .qmail-default
recursion in that case. The recursion problem only comes up in the ".qmail"
files (which are really vpopmail files, not seen by QMail) inside user
directories. These files are called *from* vdelivermail.

This is true.

I only mention it, because in the past there have been people who thought that

vdelivermail '' /home/vpopmail/domain.com/user/Maildir

Would simply deliver the message to that Maildir. It will only do that if the message doesn't match any valid user.

If I can get vdelivermail to set the environment variables properly, you guys should be able to use the safecat (or maildir?) programs in your .qmail files.

Are safecat and/or maildir quota-aware?

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