Good afternoon,

Connections that use APOP for authentication have not been working on our
server. I assumed that was because I was using an older version of vpopmail.

I recently installed qmail/vpopmail (5.4.10) on another server and found that
APOP was working. So I decided to upgrade our main server to 5.4.10 to enable
APOP functionality. But it's still not working.

What do I need to do to enable APOP authentication for POP connections?

I am using the following configure options:

  ./configure --disable-clear-passwd --prefix=/mail/local

I haven't tested with the following options since the defaults seemed

  --enable-apop-file=/etc/apop-secrets directory where apop secrerts 
    are stored.
  --enable-apop=y|n Enable or disable apop authentication.                      

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