On Apr 12, 2005, at 1:27 PM, Angleraux RaphaŽl wrote:
I've got strange problem with qmail and vpopmail. When I add an user with
vadduser without dot before '@' in the name, like user @ domain.com (spaces
are for email protector), all works. But when I add an user like
name.surname @ domain.com I can't deliver any email. I can pop3 but I can't
send email to this... Any help ! Thank you, sorry for my poor english ;-)

What version of vpopmail? Older versions might not have worked, but the current version does.

Note that if you're adding a .qmail-user.name file by hand, it should be called .qmail-user:name (for user.name). If you're using the valias table, or adding an alias with qmailadmin, they will automatically convert the '.' to a ':' for you.

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