Hi all - I've just joined the vpopmail list because of a pressing issue
and I need some guidance.

I've been running a dedicated gentoo server for about a year now.  All
e-mail has been handled by qmail and delivered to local user accounts.  I
have the possibility of hosting a client that requires 10k+ e-mail
accounts.  I really don't want to make system accoutns for each e-mail
account, so I found vpopmail.

I just want to make sure I am not doing something dumb.  Here's the
configure I am useing:  (vpopmail 5.4.10)


I enabled all these extra ones because most of them seemed like
interesting features that I _might_ want at some point.

Running 'make' looks good.

Now, I have no clue if running 'make install-strip' will blow up my
current production qmail.  I'd like to install vpopmail and migrate my
settings to it without loosing mail in the process.

I see docs for UPGADE and INSTALL and various README-*, but none of them
seem to be talking about a situation where someone has been running qmail
for a while and wants to add vpopmail.

Any ideas/hints/thoughts appreciated.


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