On 4/12/05, Tom Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Apr 12, 2005, at 6:59 AM, John Chess wrote:
> > Running lsof on the nfs mount, it looks like vdelivermail is walking
> > the entire user directory tree on the nfs server. After sending a test
> > mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], an lsof shows:
> You probably have domain quotas enabled, and it's checking usage.  If
> you're not using domain quotas (AFAIK, they don't work), then recompile
> vpopmail with that feature disabled.
> Make sure both servers are set in the same time zone with clocks
> relatively in sync.  It could be that one thinks the maildirsize file
> is old and should be updated.

That's exactly what the problem was- ntpd had died on that box, and
the clock drifted enough to confuse it. Thank you for your help!

I misspoke when I said that vdelivermail was walking the entire user
directory. What I meant to say is that it was walking the entire
_domain_ directory, looking in each user's directory. I'm still
puzzled by this. Do you think domain quotas are causing this?


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