Aran Clary Deltac wrote:

Hi all - I've just joined the vpopmail list because of a pressing issue
and I need some guidance.

I've been running a dedicated gentoo server for about a year now.  All
e-mail has been handled by qmail and delivered to local user accounts.  I
have the possibility of hosting a client that requires 10k+ e-mail
accounts.  I really don't want to make system accoutns for each e-mail
account, so I found vpopmail.

I just want to make sure I am not doing something dumb.  Here's the
configure I am useing:  (vpopmail 5.4.10)


I enabled all these extra ones because most of them seemed like
interesting features that I _might_ want at some point.

I believe domain quotas are broken, I would personally not run sql-logging, you don't need it and it will tax SQL on a busy server. With 10k users doing mysql auth your SQL server will be busy enough.

Running 'make' looks good.

Now, I have no clue if running 'make install-strip' will blow up my
current production qmail.  I'd like to install vpopmail and migrate my
settings to it without loosing mail in the process.

Until you use vpopmail/bin/* to add users vpopmail will have no effect on your server setup. Until you add vdelivermail into your .qmail-default file, vpopmail will have no effect on your delivery. Your only hitch here (from my experience, YMMV) is popping. You will want to have two pop servers running as you slowly migrate since the auth mechanisim will be different between a pure qmail and a vpopmail server.

If you migrate overnight, one big migration, you can avoid this. That was the approach I took. Since you have few users now, and will have 10k later, I would opt for the one sweeping migration.


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